Martial Gooselin ALUS Perennial Grass Project

La Rochelle


Environmental Benefits

  • Captures nutrient run-off
  • Erosion Reduction
  • Carbon Capture
  • Wildlife and pollinator habitat.

Producer Benifits 

  • Reduce costs for seed, fertilizer, etc
  • Reduce nitrogen loss
  • Income from grazing or baling
  • Easier land management


  • Mixture of lowland grasses is planted this helps stabilizes soil and capture nutrient runoff
  • Grass is either cut and baled or flash grazed once a year for nutrient removal
  • Removal of grass is done after mid-July to protect possible wildlife nesting sites found within the buffer.

Project Overview

Sandwiched between the Rat River and the St. Malo Canal, Martial land was highly susceptible to flooding during high water events. Flood water would remain on the field between 2-3 weeks. The result was Martial was losing a large portion of his crop every few years. In talking to Martial he thought that this land would be better off suited in perennial grass where it could act as a flood plain. While giving up productive land is a hard decision by receiving an annual payment and being able to harvest the grass made this decision much easier for Martial. While providing a benefit to himself Martial also sees the larger benefit to the community by seeing the environmental benefits like nutrient retention and erosion control.