***Trees have been fully Allocated***

The Seine Rat Roseau Watershed will be offering trees to residents of the Watershed District to establish shelterbelts to protect homes and yards and provide wildlife habitat.


The Planting Site must be within the boundaries of Seine Rat Roseau Watershed District which includes:

Entire Municipality of: RM of Stuartburn, RM of Emerson Franklin, RM of La Broquerie, RM of Hanover, City of Steinbach, RM of De Salaberry, Village of St. Pierre, Town of Ste Anne, and Town of Niverville

Part of Municipality of:  RM of Montcalm, RM of Ritchot, RM of Taché, RM of Reynolds, RM of Piney, RM of Springfield, RM of Ste Anne, and RM of Morris


Check our maps on our website to see if you are located within our boundaries



Orders will be taken on first come, first serve basis.

There is a maximum of 50 trees per household and trees are packaged in bundles of 10 (list can be viewed on the application form)

Applicants must provide a general sketch and location of where the trees will be planted

Pickup of trees will be at the SRRWD Office in Steinbach in May with date TBD


Contact SRRWD for more information: