Field Erosion Control

The SRRWD Water Retention program provides funding, design, and construction of field erosion control projects. The purpose of the program is to create erosion control areas by designing and implementing innovative, site-specific techniques to reduce the loss of topsoil from cultivated fields and prevent sediment deposits in waterways. Erosion control areas provide many benefits such as reducing sediment in waterways and protecting water quality by reducing non-point source pollutants (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, pathogens, bacteria, sediments) from runoff. Examples of projects that would qualify in this program would be grassed waterways, grass field edge buffers, and the installation of side inlets. The SRRWD will cover from 80-100% of the total project cost depending on the overall befits of the project.

Field Erosion Control Funding Opportunities

Field Erosion Control Projects

Ron Vermette Field Erosion Control Project

Jeremie Lussier Grassed Waterway