Rain Gardens/Well Sealing

Rain Gardens

The SRRWD Rain Garden program provides funding and design support to property owners who wish to implement a rain garden to capture surface water runoff, rainwater, or sump pump discharge. A rain garden is a perennial garden planted in a shallow depression designed to capture and use water that may otherwise runoff. Rain gardens do NOT create standing pools of water but rather are a designated place for water to infiltrate into the ground (generally within 24 – 48 hrs of a rain event). The SRRWD will provide up to $5,000.00 (50% cost-share) for schools and public spaces to establish a rain garden. We also provide grants of $500.00 to homeowners who establish a rain garden on their property.

Well Sealing

The SRRWD Abandon Well Sealing program provides funds for landowners to seal wells that have been abandoned. The purpose of the program is to protect against groundwater contamination from pollutants that may enter the well from surface water runoff. The SRRWD will pay up to 100% of the total cost (to a maximum of $2000) for the well sealing project.  The landowner must also provide before and after pictures of the well site.

Rain Garden Funding Opportunities

Well Sealing Funding Opportunities

Rain Garden Projects

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Well Sealing Projects

Well Sealing