Tree  Programming at SRRWD is designed to help landowners in establishing more trees on their property.  The WD can provide help with the the design of shelterbelts to protect against soil erosion from strong winds. While encouraging planting of shelterbelts we aim to increase wild life habitat, livestock protection, increasing carbon sequestration and reducing wind based soil erosion.

The WD also holds an annual tree sale for all residents within the watershed district, the dates of the sale and specific tree species offered will be advertised by SRRWD

Shelterbelt Program

The Shelterbelt Programming at the SRRWD is designed to help landowners establish Shelterbelts on or adjacent to their agricultural land. These efforts are in partnership with ALUS Canada and the 2Billion Trees initiative. SRRWD staff will offer technical advice and help when planning shelterbelt design.

Shelterbelts offer great soil protection from wind erosion by reducing wind speeds while also trapping moisture during winter.  They provides wildlife habitat to a wide range of birds, pollinators and other animals. In addition, tree planting efforts continue to contribute to carbon sequestration goals.

Currently, the Watershed District is accepting applications for shelterbelt projects to be established in spring of 2024.

Tree Giveaway

The SRRWD tree giveaway provides trees to residents who reside within the boundaries of the district. The aim of the program is to provide protection for yards against the weather, sequester carbon and provide habitat for wildlife. When planted in riparian areas trees protect against erosion and filter nutrients before they reach a waterway. The SRRWD conducts an annual sale of trees, the dates of the sale and specific tree species offered will be advertised by SRRWD. The SRRWD will work with landowners to provide technical advice.

Trees and Grasses Funding Opportunities

Trees and Grasses Projects