Water Retention

The SRRWD Water Retention program provides funding, design and construction of water storage/ retention projects. The purpose of the program is to design and construct sites where water can be held back for a period of time. Water storage / retention areas provide many benefits such as reducing river flow rates and flood peaks, recharging groundwater, protecting water quality by reducing non-point source pollutant (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, pathogens, bacteria, sediments) from run off and providing wildlife habitat and scenic areas. The SRRWD will cover from 80-100% of total project cost depending on the overall befits of the project.

Water Retention Funding Opportunities

Water Retention Projects

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Grier Water Retention

Kehler Water Retention/ On Farm Water Management

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Chubaty Water Retention Living Labs

Penner Water Retention

Claringbould Water Retention

Chubaty Water Retention

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