Abandon Wells Sealing

The SRRWD Abandon Well Sealing program provides fund for landowners to seal wells that have been abandoned. The purpose of the program is protect against ground water contamination from pollutants that may enter the well from surface water runoff. The SRRWD will pay up to 100% of the total cost (to a maximum of $2000) for the well sealing project.  The landowner must also provide before and after pictures of the well site.

Well Head Remediation & Dormant Well Protection

The SRRWD Well Head Remediation & Dormant Well Protection program provides funding for landowners to extend well casings above the ground and installing pit-less units. The purpose of the program is to eliminate unsanitary well pits reducing the potential risk of any surface run-off contaminants directly entering the groundwater. The SRRWD will cover 50% of the total project cost, up to a maximum contribution of $1000.

RM Well Water Pick-up

The SRRWD RM Well Water Pick-up program provides sterile sample bottles and a pick-up service from the participating RM offices and delivery to an accredited lab in Winnipeg. The purpose of the program is to allow residence to test their well water for contaminates like E.coli and coliform. The cost to the applicant is provincially subsidized and payable directly to the lab. The collection dates and costs are annually advertised locally with each participating Municipality.

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