Buhler Rain Garden



  • Reduces run-off entering city drains
  • Captures pollutants before entering water systems
  • Standing water is pooled in designated area designed for infiltration
  • Recharges ground water 
  • Pollinator friendly


  • Buried and aboveground downspouts direct water from the eaves and sump pump discharge into the back rain garden  
  • Above ground rock swale diverts water from eaves into front rain garden
  • Lined with permeable weed barrier and covered with river rock
  • After 17mm of rain, water infiltrated below the rocks within 24hrs

Project Overview  

This newly constructed home is located near a residential drain where the water from the surrounding area would accumulate during rain events.  This would leave the area quite saturated for periods of time. The Seine Rat Roseau Watershed District partnered with the homeowners to implement two rain gardens. The back yard garden is designed to capture water from one down-spout and the sump-pump and in large rain falls any overflowing water naturally flows towards the drain. The front yard rain garden is designed to capture water from the downspout and is a beautiful feature with pollinator plants.