CD Trees Water Retention and Swamp Walk

~7 miles south of Steinbach


  • The water retention provides enhanced wildlife habitat
  • Reduces pressure on the local drain
  • Provides nature water filtration taking nutrients out of the water
  • Provides irrigation during the summer time for the tree farm
  • Ability for public to view wetland areas is attraction for customers.


  • Storage at peak flow 100 acre feet*
  • Max Storage Depth 1.2 metres
  • Outlet is a controlled gate on culvert
  • Series of built up areas and board walks provide a walking path into the swamp

*an acre foot of water is equivalent to having water spread 1 ft deep across 1 acre of land

Project Overview

CD Trees/Redpoll Farms has collaborated with SRRWD a water retention area built in 2006 and upgraded in 2011 to reduce local flooding by storing water. The retention provides irrigation of tree farm in summer and allows from recreational activities during the winter. An educational “swamp walk” was built in 2014, where the public can view the Herschfeld swamp wetland ecosystem in action.