Chubaty All Season Watering System and Waterway Fencing

~2 miles South of Ridgeville; Tributary to the Main Drain & Roseau River


  • Livestock have no access to riparian area allowing for natural revegetation and bank stabilization
  • Clean reliable source of drinking water available year round
  • Wind turbine supplements solar panels on dreary winter days


  • 150 cow calf pairs – Black Angus
  • Solar & wind powered
  • Dugout/Creek fed
  • Motion eye sensor activates pump
  • Water drains back into 16’ buried catch basin (below watering bowl)
  • Shed houses batteries and electrical connections

Project Overview

Springbank Black Angus accessed funding through MB Agriculture to fence off one side of the drain that bisects their home quarter, put in cross fencing and install two designated livestock crossings. Through their partnership with the SRRCD they installed a solar and wind powered watering system and finished fencing off the waterway thereby completely removing cattle from the riparian area.