Chubaty Water Retention Living Labs

South of Ridgeville


  • Provides water supply for livestock
  • Reduces flooding downstream
  • Reduces nutrient loading to the Roseau River
  • Increases aquatic and wildlife habitat
  • Builds on-farm resiliency to climate change
  • Increases carbon storage


  •  12 acre-feet* of water stored
  • .6 m depth of water
  • Drain divert around the dugout
  • Culvert with control on the downstream side of the dugout to allow for recharge
  • Gated culvert allows landowner to manage water levels for livestock

*an acre foot of water is equivalent to having water spread 1 ft deep water across 1 acre of land

Project Overview

SRRWD identified this area on Wayne Chubaty pasture as possible areas of water retention. A berm was built on the north side of the property along a drain. Water was restricted by the use of a gated culvert. The existing drain flow was redirected around an existing dugout. This preventing sediment from getting into the dugout. A control culvert was placed at the upstream end of the dugout which allowed for recharge of the dugout during high water events. The water retention area will be fenced off to cattle and flash grazed once a year. Wayne will be provided with an Alternative Land Use Service payment for modifying his grazing practices. An alternative watering system also is installed keeping the cattle out of the dugout.