Chubaty Water Retention

~ 2 miles South of Ridgeville, tributary to the Main Drain and the Roseau River


  • Provides water supply for livestock
  • Reduces flooding downstream
  • Reduces nutrient loading to the Roseau River
  • Increases aquatic and wildlife habitat
  • Builds on-farm resiliency to climate change
  • Increases carbon storage


  •  4 acre-feet* of water stored
  • 1.2 m depth of water
  • Passive flow through two low-level culverts
  • Gated culvert allows landowner to manage water levels for livestock

*an acre foot of water is equivalent to having water spread 1 ft deep water across 1 acre of land

Project Overview

Wayne Chubaty (Springbank Black Angus Farm) needed to increase the water supply for his livestock. Two retention projects were installed on the creek and a gate was added to retain water, ensuring a consistent water supply for the livestock. During times of peak flow this retention structure stores water for livestock and also slows the flow of water, reducing water that breaches the municipal road downstream.