Teichroeb Rain Garden

Marchand, Upper Seine River Watershed


  • Runoff from the eaves troughs now has a designated place to pool and infiltrate 
  • Standing water is no longer a problem after heavy rains 
  • Rain water infiltrates into the ground recharging the water table 


  • Downspouts direct water from the eaves across the lawn and into the rain garden 
  • A small berm around the rain garden prevents water from bypassing the garden 
  • The removal of sod down to the underlying sand optimizes infiltration 

Project Overview  

Prior to construction, the front yard was flat and without drainage while the back yard was an unusable wet puddle where sump pump water pooled. The SRRCD partnered with the daycare to design two separate rain gardens; one to collect the water from the roof and the new play hill water feature in the front yard and the other to collect the sump pump discharge in the back yard.