SRRCD Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture!

with Gabe Brown and Ray Archuleta


The Seine-Rat River Conservation District is proud to bring Regenerative Ag experts Gabe Brown and Ray Archuleta to the Rosa Hall on Wednesday, January 29th, 2020 (9am – 4pm). A full day workshop to discuss the 5 principals of regenerative agriculture:

  • Green plant/living root
  • Diversity of plants and animals
  • Minimize disruption – reduce tillage, fertilizer, pesticides
  • Keep ground covered
  • Integrate grazing animals

They will also discuss cover crops, intercropping, how to get started in regenerative agriculture and so much more. There will be lots of time for questions and discussion. Registration is only $15.00 and includes a hot pierogi and sausage lunch.

For more information on the speakers, check out these awesome resources:

Ray Archuleta videos:

Gabe Brown videos:

Gabe has written a great book “From Dirt to Soil” about his family’s journey into Regenerative Ag. Worth reading as a good introduction to the Regenerative Principles.

To register call Dorthea at 204-425-7877 or email