Livestock Management

Livestock Management Programming at the SRRWD is designed to help livestock owners with the protection and restoration of water bodies that are in or run through their pastures. Our programming aims to reduce bank erosion, enhance wildlife habitat and improve water quality while also assisting farmers in improving herd health and productivity, reducing the spread of pathogens and safeguarding reliable water sources for livestock.

Exclusion Fencing (for Dugouts and Waterways)

This program is intended for the exclusion of livestock from waterways and dugouts. It does NOT cover perimeter fencing.

The SRRWD covers 75% of the cost of materials and installation for a two strand electric fence with 40 ft. post spacing. This is equivalent to $1.25 per linear foot for fencing plus $90.00 per corner and $150.00 per Solar Electric Fencer (material and labour included). Maximum SRRWD contributions per project are $1,000.00 per dugout and $4,000.00 per riparian area.

Producers may choose to install a fence of different specifications (e.g., barbed wire, closer post spacing etc.) however, this will be done at their expense. Some exceptions may be made for specialty circumstances or livestock. Contact SRRWD staff to find out more.

Alternative Watering Systems

This program provides funding to producers who have fenced off waterways or dugouts, to purchase pumping equipment for watering livestock.

Producers who have not yet fenced off their waterway or dugout must simultaneously apply for our Exclusion Fencing program in order to be considered for Alternative Watering System funding.

The SRRWD covers 75% of materials and labour associated with watering systems for waterways (up to a maximum contribution of $7,500.00) and 50% (up to $5,000.00) for watering systems for dugouts. Trough expenses in excess of $1,000.00 are not eligible for SRRWD cost share.

Livestock Crossings

The Livestock Crossing program provides producers with up to $1,000.00 (75% SRRWD cost share), to install a designated livestock crossing. In order to qualify, the producer must fence off the associated waterway prior to the crossing being installed. Producers are encouraged to simultaneously apply to our Exclusion Fencing program.

Swinging Fences

This program provides funding and design support to producers who want to prevent livestock from travelling downstream along river channels while still allowing boaters to safely travel along the waterway. Swinging fences should be used along designated livestock crossings or in conjunction with fenced riparian areas that are flash grazed. SRRWD will design and install the swinging fence and will contribute up to $1,000.00 towards the cost of material. Landowners are responsible for installing support posts on either side of the water course (at their expense) and for material costs that exceed the $1,000.00 SRRWD contribution. Annual maintenance is the responsibility of the landowner.

Livestock Managment Funding Opportunities

Livestock Management Projects

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