Hamm Portable Year Round Watering System

Overstoneville, Roseau River Watershed


  • Livestock are removed from multiple dugouts, the use of the system can be expanded pasture with a fenced dugout.
  • System can also be rigged up to run off of a well or other water source as available.
  • Cattle are less susceptible to diseases and pathogens when they aren’t allowed direct access to waterways.
  • The lifespan of the dugout is extended by reducing siltation, bank degradation and nutrient loading.


  • 100 cow calf pairs
  • Use of electric fencing made fencing several dugouts very affordable
  • Watering system is solar and wind powered and can be used anywhere
  • System can be hitched up to a tractor for transportation between sites
  • Insulated trough with drinking tubes prevents freeze up in winter, trough can be opened for summer use.

Project Overview

The Hamm family run a 100 cow calf pair operation that depends primarily on dugouts for livestock watering. As cattle are regularly moved between pastures on different sections of land, individual alternative watering systems are not cost effective. A portable system allows the Hamms to move the waterer with the herd. All dugouts were fenced with electric fencing.