Vita Community Child Care Centre Rain Gardens

Vita, MB; Roseau River Watershed


  • The front yard rain garden collects water from the playground as well as half of the roof of the building 
  • The second rain garden collects sump pump discharge and runoff from the storage shed 


  • Buried downspouts carry water from the play hill, eaves troughs and sump pump to the rain gardens 
  • Perennial flowers attract pollinators to the yard 
  • Water no longer pools in the playground area or the back yard 

Project Overview

Prior to construction, the front yard was flat and without drainage while the back yard was an unusable wet puddle where sump pump water pooled. The SRRCD partnered with the daycare to design two separate rain gardens; one to collect the water from the roof and the new play hill water feature in the front yard and the other to collect the sump pump discharge in the back yard.