Penner Water Retention

~15 miles southeast of Steinbach


  • Provides water supply for livestock
  • Reduces flooding downstream
  • Reduces nutrient loading to the Manning Canal
  • Increases aquatic and wildlife habitat
  • Builds on-farm resiliency to climate change
  • Increases carbon storage


  • 22 acre-feet* of water stored
  • 65 cm depth of water
  • Open Culvert allows passive flow through the berm
  • Cell grid and geotextile matting reducing erosion and allowing travel across spill wa

*an acre foot of water is equivalent to having 1 ft deep water spread across 1 acre of land

Project Overview

With low lying land enclosed by higher ridges the Penner water site is ideal for retention. An 800 meter berm was placed across the low lying land, connecting the ridges. two 300mm culverts pass low flows and a rock and gravel-reinforced is designed to take flood flow. During peak flows downstream flooding of rural homes and agricultural land is reduced.