Municipal Partners

The SRRWD is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of municipally-appointed members. The District is divided into 7 sub-watersheds (sub-districts) where each area has a committee responsible for developing projects to address local issues. A watershed district is  a neighborhood of municipalities working together as a watershed community with a common interest of sustaining the rural landscape. A strong and cooperative relationship with our municipal partners is essential to the continued success of the SRRWD.

Each sub-district has a committee made up of members appointed by the councils of the municipal governments having land within that sub-district. The amount of land each rural municipality has within a sub-district area determines the number of appointments to that sub-district committee. Each municipal council normally appoints two (2) people to the sub-district committee. Specifically, if a municipality has fifteen (15) or more square miles within a sub-district, it may appoint two (2) members. One councillor and one ratepayer, or two ratepayers, may be appointed, but councils may not appoint two councillors to a sub-district committee. Municipalities with between five (5) and fifteen (15) square miles can appoint one (1) member, however the municipality is not obligated to do so. Appointments to sub-district committees are for two-year terms, with members being appointed on alternate years to ensure some continuance within the committee and to avoid a complete turnover in one year.

The SRRWD boundary includes all or portions of our 17 municipal partners including the Rural Municipalities of La Broquerie, Ste. Anne, Hanover, De Salaberry, Ritchot, Tache, Stuartburn, Springfield, Reynolds, Montcalm, Emerson-Franklin, Piney, Morris, the City of Steinbach, the Village of St. Pierre-Jolys, the Town of Ste. Anne and the Town of Niverville.