The SRRWD Alternative Land Use Program (ALUS) has provided producers within Seine Rat Roseau Watershed district a per-acre payment to transition marginal or ecological sensitive lands out of agricultural production and/0r having environmental beneficial projects established on their land.  Since the start of the program two years ago producers in the Watershed District have put over 300 acres of land into our  SRRWD ALUS program. We really encourage producers to check out our  SRRWD ALUS programming and how it can positively impact their operations. Here is an explanation of the SRRWD programming that is available for annual payments.

Transitioning of Low Lying/ Flood Prone Cultivated Land to Perennial Grasses

Includes areas such as:

  • Cultivated areas along rivers, creeks, streams, and major drains
  • Low lying cultivated areas within fields that are difficult to drain
  • Cultivated areas next to wetlands

Project Establishment Cost/Annual Payment:

  • SRRWD Funds $100 per acre for the establishment of perennial grass
  • SRRWD provides payment up to a maximum of $100 per acre depending on the assessed value of the land

Producer Comments:

  • “It’s nice to know that I don’t have to worry about those wet areas on my fields when we get a big rain.”
  • “It takes a lot of hassle out of my life. I don’t have to go back later to that field with my air seeder when it’s finally dry to put in a couple of acres.”
  • “Knowing that I am getting some income from those areas made the decision to take them out of production easy.”
  • “While I do get a very good crop off that low-lying piece of land every few years most years the yield is not high enough to pay for the cost of inputs.”
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Field Erosion Control

Includes activities such as:

  • Installing erosion control structures to slow down the water flow in highly erodible areas
  • Planting perennial grasses in ditches and drains (Grassed Waterways) to secure soil
  • Planting perennial grasses along ditches at the edges of fields to provide a buffer between ditches and cultivated land

Project Establishment Cost/Annual Payments

  • SRRWD Funds 80-100% Erosion Control structures
  • SRRWD Funds $100 per acre for the establishment of perennial grass
  • SRRWD provides payment up to a maximum of $100 per acre depending on the assessed value of the land

Producer Comments:

  • “Keeping soil on my field saves it from ending up in the municipal ditch clogging it up and having it backing up on my field.”
  • “I have broken a few pieces of equipment on that eroded ditch.”
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Water Retention

Includes actives such as:

  • Construction of Water Retention Structures on farmland
  • The annual payment is provided for areas that will be back flooded because of the water retention structure

Project Establishment Cost/Annual Payments

  • SRRWD Funds 80-100% of Water Retention Structure
  • SRRWD provides an annual payment of $30- $15 per acre dependent on land classification and land use

Producer Comments:

  • “Having water backed up on my pasture provides water for my dugout ensuring I have water for my cattle all summer long.”
  • “Keeping water on that lower area of my pasture saves it from being on the more productive areas of pasture.”
  • “Extra water has made that portion of the pasture behind the water retention more productive.”
  • “Having an annual payment negated the requirement of having to wait till later in the season to make hay in that area of my field.”
  • “Water Retention structure has given me better access to parts of my field that were difficult to get to before.”
  • “I have seen that roads downstream that were once washed away during floods now are passable so I don’t lose access.”
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Requirements/Information for ALUS Projects

  • Projects can be big or small. Have had projects from .5 an acre all the way to 115 acres.
  • 10-year contracts
  • Works like a rental agreement. The producer still maintains ownership of the land.
  • Possibility of renewal of the contract at the end of the 10 years
  • The contract can be transferred or voided in event of the sale of the property
  • SRRWD staff will do maintenance of all structures as need and fund them as per terms of the project agreement.
  • Vegetation must be cut and baled or grazed after mid-July to receive full payment unless weather conditions do not allow for it.
  • If vegetation will not be cut and baled or grazed a half payment will be made

For to see more ALUS projects visit:

If you are interested in the ALUS program or like to discuss it further we would like to hear from you:

Please Contact

Joey Pankiw

SRRWD Assistant Manager

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