Roseau River Watershed

The Roseau River Watershed is a vast and beautiful area located in the furthest south eastern corner of Manitoba and northwestern Minnesota. The Canadian portion of the watershed runs along the American border from the Red River in the west to just past the community of Middlebro in the east.


The Roseau River Watershed is as diverse as it is beautiful. The eastern portion of the watershed is dominated by Provincial Forests (Sandilands, Northwest Angle, Cathills and Wampum) and Crown lands. Much of this land is heavily forested with spruce and pines gradually giving way to the swamps, grass and pasture lands that dominate the middle of the watershed. In stark contrast, the western portion of the watershed is characterized by highly productive clay soils and intensive agricultural use. Annual crops dominate the landscape in the west.

The Integrated Watershed Management Plan for the Roseau River is nearing completion and should be ready for public consumption by the end of 2021.