Wayne Chubaty’s Story

Wayne Chubaty is a second-generation farmer specializing in cow/calf and grain operations in the rural municipality of Emerson-Franklin and produces his own hay and feed. A few years ago, Wayne decided he never wanted to be in a position where he did not have enough water supply for his agriculture and livestock. During that time, he also decided that something had to be done to reduce the amount of nutrients flowing into his already established dugout harming his livestock and the surrounding environment.

Wayne’s Partnership with SRRWD

Wayne decided to take part in innovative measures with the help of the Seine Rat Roseau Watershed District (SRRWD). The SRRWD collaborated with Wayne and successfully implemented two water retention sites to help Wayne address his needs. The water retention projects consisted of diverting drains around already established dugouts and developing new dugouts to back-flood clean water back into the dugouts, in effect providing fresh water for Wayne’s cattle. SSRWD also incorporated retention berms to restrain significant amounts of water, which allowed for slow water drainage resulting in constant grass watering in effect causing rise to excellent forage and a heaping supply of clean water for Wayne’s cattle.


Gated Water Retention Site Provides Water for Wayne’s cattle all year


Results of the Partnership

The water retention sites immensely benefited Wayne, especially during the large-scale drought experienced by producers this year. Many producers were at a disadvantage during the drought as lack of rainwater caused many problems including lack of adequate feed for cattle, and lack of water to be used for agriculture and pastures. However, Wayne was not at a disadvantage this year as he prepared for situations such as the one that all Manitoban producers faced this year. Wayne undeniably had enough fresh water for his cattle, agriculture, and pasture.

According to Wayne, “Seeing what some of the problems guys around me are having with water issues I am thankful I put in these water retentions.”

Wayne’s story reveals that taking part in preventative measures and preparing for unpredictable events caused by climate change is extremely important. Through Wayne’s experience, it is safe to say that the installation of water retention sites is key to overcoming unpredictable bouts of climate change related problems that Manitoban producers have already faced this year and may potentially face again in the coming years.

Other Advantages to Partnership

Wayne’s partnership with the SRRWD not only helped him overcome the issues posed by the drought this year but the partnership helped Wayne reduce nutrient loading, increase his soil health, maximize his land potential, and help with future flood mitigation. Given this, there are many benefits to partnering with the SRRWD.

Wayne is thankful for partnering with the SRRWD and has peace of mind knowing that he will not be running out of clean water for his agriculture and livestock and will eventually be passing off the family farm in a healthier state to the next generation.


Water Retention Provides Clean Drinking Water For Wayne’s Cattle All Summer Long


For More Information about SRRWD Water Retention Program click here: https://srrwd.ca/programs/water-retention/